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Andes Geological Research

Cornell University
Cornell Andes Project
Structure & Tectonics
Richard Allmendinger
Bryan Isacks
Sedimentology, Tectonics
Teresa Jordan

University of Arizona
Robert Butler
Geophysics, Tectonics
Susan Beck
George Zandt
Sedimentology, Tectonics
Peter DeCelles

Other Andean Geological Research Links
GPS project SNAPP  (Northwestern University, University of Miami, and the Carnegie Institution)
Andean Geophysical Laboratory, University of South Carolina
Freie Universität Berlin Deformation Processes in the Andes
Multinational Andean Project

Andean Map Resources
Map Resources: Omnimap
Map Resources: MapLink
Andean High Resolution DEM (from the USGS DEM and Cornell Andes Project)

Andes Travel, Climbing, etc.
Bolivia background info
Culture of the Andes
Peru travel photos
South American Explorers
Moon Travel Handbooks
Lonely Planet
Altitude Sickness
Travel Health (CDC)
Climbing photos