1995 QY9: A Neptune-crosser

Kuiper Belt Object 1995-QY9 observed using the University of Hawaii 2.2 meter telescope on UT 1995 October 26. This is the 29th reported Kuiper Belt object. It is distinguished by its relatively small heliocentric distance (29.9 AU) and high brightness (approximately red magnitude 21.5). This object is physically located within one of Neptune's 1:1 resonance "Trojan" clouds. However, preliminary orbital elements by Brian Marsden (Center for Astrophysics) suggest that the orbit is more compatible with a Pluto-like 2:3 resonance. Measurements over the next 2 years will hopefully clarify the nature of the orbit.

Semi Major Axis 39.39 AU
Eccentricity 0.24
Inclination 5 deg
Red magnitude 21.5
Diameter 270 km (assuming geometric albedo 0.04)
The Figure shows the motion of 1995-QY9 in a ~3 hour interval. The white box subtends 5 arcseconds on a side. The image has North to the bottom, West to the left.

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