Videos on astronomy themes.

Observing Chat Keck Live! A slightly strange, blind interview whilst observing. [Starts at 15 minutes] 2013 March 15
Shaw Prize Lecture Youtube Discovery and Exploration of the Kuiper Belt (compressed to 10 minutes!). The condensed Shaw Ceremony is linked here.
Kavli Prize Lecture 90 Mbytes mp4 The Significance of the Kuiper Belt. Oslo, September 2012. Also linked here
Planets and Exoplanets Youtube UCLA Faculty Research Colloquium: Planets & Exoplanets. November 2010
Asteroids: Good, Bad and Ugly .m4v file November 2010, 500 Mbytes.
SETI Lecture: Solar System Ice Youtube March 31 2010 @ SETI Institute, San Fran
Frontiers of Astronomy Lecture: The New Solar System Streaming Video March 2009 @ University of Hawaii

Bronstein Interview with Dave Jewitt Quicktime September 2007 @ Tucson, Arizona

BBPP: The Demise of Pluto 400 Mbyte .avi file 2006

David Jewitt. Last updated July 2013

Comet Jewitt Kuiper Irregular Satellites