Portable Fast Sampler

Remotely-operable data-taking systems have been installed at Arecibo (2 units), Green Bank Telescope (2 units), and Goldstone (4 units).

A general description of the data-taking system can be found in the following paper:

Margot, J. L., A portable fast sampling system for astronomical applications, Proceedings of the 2002 URSI General Assembly, Maastricht, 2002.

Instructions for operating the PFS.

Instructions for assembling the hardware (not needed, unless you are installing a PFS system at a new location).

Please contact me for instructions on downloading and installing the software from our CVS repository (not needed, unless you are installing a PFS system at a new location, or the data-taking computer died).

Example data obtained with the PFS are described here.

Asteroid 1999 JM8 (PI: S. Ostro, image credit: J.L. Margot)

A 2001 memo describing the design and prototyping of a chirp system for planetary radar is available here.

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