Jeremy Boyce


Dept. of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sci., UCLA

595 CE Young Drive East

Los Angeles, CA  90095-1567

I am a Visitor in Geochemistry in the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, Caltech, in addition to being an Assistant Researcher and Adjunct Assistant Professor at UCLA.


Assistant Researcher IN geochemistry (UCLA)

Assistant Adjunct professor (UCLA)

VISITOR in Geochemistry (Caltech)


Sept 2015 Boyce et al. paper in Science Advances now available here (open access)

June 2015 Invited talk at NASA - JSC

May 2015  Birth of my second daughter!

June 2014  Invited talk and poster at Goldschmidt

Mar 2014  Paper in Science Express now available here!

Mar 2014  Look for my talk at LPSC

Jan 2014  Invited talk at Rutgers

Oct 2013  Invited talk at SIO

May 2013  Invited talk at DTM

Jan 2013    NASA Early Career Fellowship!

Jan 2013    NASA Cosmochemistry grant funded to study diffusion of volatiles in apatite!

Oct 2012    Back from the dead!  I am now recovering from my mysterious illness and once again doing science!

July 2012    Boyce et al. inversion calibration paper available here.

May 2012  Invited talk at the Univ. of Liverpool

May 2012  Invited talk at the Univ. of Edinburgh

Apr 2012  Invited talk at Imperial College London

Oct 2011  Invited talk at CSUN

June 2011    Invited talk at LPI “wet vs Dry Moon” conference “Analysis of Volatiles in Apatite: Implications for Quantitative Hygrometry”

Mar 2011    Boyce et al., 2010 included in the Encyclopedia Britannica Events of 2010 volume.

Mar 2011    van Soest et al., 2011 GCA paper now available here.

Dec 2010    Invited talk at AGU on “Certainties and Uncertainties in Lunar Hydration Models”

July 2010    Featured on LiveScience.

July 2010    Boyce et al. Nature paper now available.

June 2010    Paper accepted at Nature.

June 2010    My Visitor position at Caltech has been renewed as a Postdoctoral Fellowship

Mar 2010    Liu, Boyce, et al. abstract presented at LPSC on lunar volatiles

Oct 2009    Invited to give seminar at Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Sept 2009    G-cubed paper now available

Aug 2009    Starting as a “Visitor in Geochemistry” at Caltech.

July 2009    Paper accepted at G-cubed.

May 2009    Boyce & Manning Proposal funded (NSF MARGINS) to continue to study apatite from volcanoes in Central America.

Feb 2009    Cont. Min. Pet. paper now available

Feb 2009    Invited to give seminar at LSU

Jan 2009    Invited to give seminar at Caltech.