UCLA Graduate Students in Metamorphic and Experimental Petrology


Experimental Petrology

      Angelo Antignano IV

           -Mineral solubility in the system Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O at high P & T

           -Apatite solubility in high pressure fluids

           -Cl solubility in magmas at high pressure

      Catherine Macris

           -Eclogite-H2O equilibrium in subduction zones


 Metamorphic Petrology & Tectonics

      Carrie Menold

           -Geology of ultra-high pressure metamorphic belt, Luliang Shan, China

      Stephanie Briggs

           -Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of the Chinese Altai Mountains

      Alex Robinson

           -Tectonic evolution of the Kongur Shan detachment system, China