Day 1: "Salt or snow?" Holly Caprio

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Group Shots

The gang out on the salt flats (More Group Shots!)

Day 1 - Salar de Uyuni

Our group split up into four Toyota Landcruisers and we set out across the immense dry salt lakes (salars). After driving for two hours across the extremely flat salt flats extending from horizon to horizon, we arrived at Isla de Pescadores (Fisherman's Island). This island stranded in the middle of the Salar de Uyuni was covered with 10-20 ft tall cacti resembling the Saguaro of the American southwest. The cacti grew among tufa deposits formed when the lake was full of water. After eating lunch at this desolate monument, we drove for another hour to our hotel on the edge of the salar. Once the sun went down, we went inside for a night of relaxation and fun.

Salar Landscapes
A mountain rises out of the salt like a mirage (More Landscapes!)

Isla de Pescadores
View from Isla de Pescadores across the Salar
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