Currently funded projects from U.S. National Science Foundation
Investigating the Slip Rate of the Main Frontal Thrust in the Eastern Himalaya, NE India
PI: An Yin (UCLA); Co-PI: Edward Rhodes (UCLA)


1. Burgess, W.P., Yin, A., Dubey, C. S., Shen, Z.K., and Kelty, T.K., 2012, Holocene shortening across the Main Frontal Thrust zone in the eastern Himalaya. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, V. 357–358, p. 152–167.

Data obtained from this project:
          (a) Total station survey routes and elevation profiles.
          (b) Raw and processed data for radiocarbon dating (see final summary).
          (c) Raw data and final summary of OSL ages.  
          (d) High-resolution geologic maps and cross sections.

2. Webb, A.A.G., Yin, A., and Dubey, C.S., 2013, U-Pb zircon geochronology of major lithologic units in the eastern Himalaya: Implications for the origin and assembly of Himalayan rocks. Geological Society of America Bulletin, doi: 10.1130/B30626.1.