group picture 2013 Sep 06

2013: Brittany Miles, Jean-Luc Margot, Shantanu Naidu, Adam Greenberg, Sebastiano Padovan.

group picture 2010 Aug 16

2010: Shantanu Naidu, Sebastiano Padovan, Michael Busch, Carrie Nugent, Julia Fang, Jean-Luc Margot.


  • Michael Busch (2010-2012): Michael is an expert on asteroid observations, shape modeling, and spin measurements. He spent two years at UCLA, the second of which was funded by a Jansky Fellowship.
  • Marie Yseboodt (2004-2006): Marie performed a theoretical and numerical study of the evolution of Mercury's obliquity. This work is critical for the proper interpretation of ground-based and space-based observations of Mercury's spin state.

Graduate students

  • Adam Greenberg (2013-): Adam is using advanced computational techniques to solve orbit determination and shape estimation problems.
  • Shantanu Naidu (2010-): Shantanu is primarily interested in the morphology and dynamics of near-Earth binaries, and also performs radar observations of asteroids.
  • Sebastiano Padovan (2009-): Sebastiano is investigating questions related to the gravity field, tides, and interior properties of Mercury.
  • Julia Fang (2010-2013): Julia used telescopic data and numerical simulations to study dynamical interactions in multi-planet and multi-satellite systems.
  • Carrie Nugent (2009-2013): Carrie studied the Yarkovsky drift of near-Earth asteroids to place constraints on the dynamics and physical properties of asteroids. After this one project in my group she went on to work with Amy Mainzer (JPL).
  • Patrick Taylor (2004-2009): Patrick worked on dynamical and physical characterization of asteroid (54509) YORP, formerly known as 2000 PH5, providing the first direct observational evidence that an increase in the spin rate of the asteroid is due to the YORP effect. He then studied tidal interactions in close binary systems, and characterized near-Earth binary 2004 DC.
  • Phattarapong Chantarat (2005): Pat designed and fabricated a chirp modulator to improve the resolution of planetary radar images.

Undergraduate students

  • Ivan Constantino (Summer 2013-present): Ivan is working on our database of asteroid properties measured by radar.
  • Brittany Miles (Summer 2013-present): Brittany is working on our database of asteroid properties measured by radar.
  • Abhejit Rajagopal (Spring 2013-present): Abhe is working on our database of asteroid properties measured by radar.
  • Brent Harris (Fall 2012-Winter 2013): Brent analyzed near-Earth asteroid radar data sets.
  • Gabriel Lopez (Summer 2012-Winter 2013): Gabriel built a database of asteroid properties measured by radar.
  • Adam Waszczak (Summer 2008 REU student from Cornell): Adam worked on planetary gravity fields and MESSENGER radio science data.
  • Seth Jacobson (Spring 2007-2008): Seth analyzed Hubble Space Telescope images of binary trans-Neptunian objects.
  • Emily Kramer (Summer 2007 REU student from MIT): Emily analyzed mutual events in the Kalliope/Linus binary system.
  • Piyanat Kittiwisit (Spring 2007-2008): Piyanat analyzed high resolution topographic maps of the lunar polar regions.
  • Greg Vesper (Summer 2005-Spring 2007): Greg analyzed Keck adaptive optics images of main belt asteroids in an effort to constrain the abundance of binary asteroids in that population.
  • Prashant Sundar (Summer 2004): Prashant studied instrumentation concepts for planetary geodesy.