Europa Io - one of Jupiter's moons

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*** Recent Publications in 2002 ***
1.    Non-axisymmetric instabilities of a toroidal magnetic field in a rotating sphere, K. Zhang, X. Liao, and G. Schubert, "Astrophys. Journal", submitted, 2002.

2.    Gravity field and interior structure of Rhea, J. D. Anderson, N. J. Rappaport, G. Giampieri, G. Schubert, and W. B. Moore, "Phys.Earth Planet. Int.", submitted, 2002.

3.    Non-axisymmetric instabilities of a toroidal magnetic field in a rotating sphere, K. Zhang, X. Liao, and G. Schubert, "Astrophys. J.", submitted, 2002.

4.    Heating of Jupiterís thermosphere by the dissipation of upward propagating acoustic waves, G. Schubert, M. P. Hickey, and R. L. Walterscheid, "Icarus", submitted, 2002.

5.    Divergent evolution among Earth-like planets: The case for Venus exploration, D. Crisp, M.A. Allen, V.G. Anicich, R.E. Arvidson , S.K. Atreya, K.H. Baines, W.B. Banerdt, G.L. Bjoraker , S.W. Bougher, B.A. Campbell, R.W. Carlson, G. Chin, A. Chutjian, R.T. Clancy, B.C. Clark, T.E. Cravens, A.D. DelGenio, L.W. Esposito, B. Fegley, M. Flasar, J.L. Fox, P.J. Gierasch, R.M. Goody, D.H. Grinspoon , S.L. Gulkis, V.L. Hansen, R.R. Herrick, D.L. Huestis, D.M. Hunten, M.A. Janssen, J. Jenkins, C.L. Johnson, G. Keating, A.J. Kliore, S.S. Limaye, J.G. Luhmann, J.I. Lunine, P. Mahaffy, P.J. McGovern, V.S. Meadows, F.P. Mills, H.B. Niemann, T.C. Owen, K.I. Oyama, R.O. Pepin, J.J. Plant, D.C. Reuter, M.I. Richardson , C.T. Russell, R.S. Saunders, J.T. Schofield, G. Schubert , D.A. Senske, M.K. Shepard, T.G. Slanger, S.E. Smrekar, D.J. Stevenson, D.V. Titov, E.A. Ustinov, R.E. Young, Y.L. Yung, in "The Future of Solar System Exploration", 2003-2013, M.V. Sykes, editor, ASP Conference Series, in press, 2002.

6.    The giant planets, R. Beebe, A.S. Bosh, T.W. Hill, A.P. Ingersoll, J.I. Moses, G. Schubert, D.H. Smith, Report of the Giant Planets Panel Solar System Exploration Survey Committee, Space Studies Board, National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, 2002.

7.    Numerical simulations of the orbits of the Galilean satellites, S. Musotto, F. Varadi, W. Moore, and G. Schubert, "Icarus", in press, 2002.

8.    From penetrative convection to teleconvection, K. Zhang and G. Schubert, "Astrophys. J.", in press, 2002.

9.    Convection and the lower mantle, G. Schubert, in "Earth's Core and Lower Mantle", C.A. Jones, A. M. Soward, and K. Zhang, editors, The Fluid Mechanics of Astrophysics and Geophysics Series, Elsevier, Amsterdam, in press, 2002.


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