PLANETARY LUNCH (Course ESS286A) [2010-09-20 Update]

Fall 2010: NEW LOCATION, 12:00 - 13:00

Sep 23 David Jewitt / Hairong Lai UCLA On-going Collisions in the Solar System
Sep 30 Michael Busch UCLA Radar Speckle Observations and the Shapes and Spins of Near-Earth Asteroids
Oct 07 -- -- DPS WEEK: No Talk
Oct 14 Pedro Lacerda Queen's University, Belfast Densities and Rotation in the Kuiper Belt
Oct 21 John Johnson P&A, Caltech What I Think We Know About Exoplanets
Oct 28 Kunio Sayanagi UCLA Windy Saturn from Cassini
Nov 04 Aurelie Guilbert UCLA Thermal modeling of icy bodies in the solar system
Nov 11 -- -- Veteran's Day: No Talk
Nov 18 Oded Aharonson GPS, Caltech Unveiling Titan: a World Strange and Familiar
Nov 25 -- -- Thanksgiving Vacation: No Talk
Dec 02 Amy Mainzer JPL WISE and NEOWISE: A New Infrared View of the Sky

Planet Lunch talks are held 12:00 - 13:00, are informal in nature and should be interrupted by lots of questions. We will have lunch at the Faculty Club afterwards to promote interaction with the speaker.

Other Talks of Interest:

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