David Jewitt

I am interested in the primitive bodies of the Solar System, especially the comets. In all likelihood, these objects are remnants from the accretional processes by which the major planets grew. My hope is that the properties of the comets will throw light on the nature and evolution of the protoplanetary disk. This connects naturally with the general issue of planet formation, and with the existence of dust disks around young stars.

"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."

                                            -William Blake



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Anatomy of an Asteroid Breakup (pdf)

Color Systematics of Comets and Related Bodies (pdf)

The Active Asteroids (UAz Book: 2015) (pdf)

Episodic Ejection from 311P (pdf)

Disintegrating Active Asteroid P/2013 R3 (pdf)

Phaethon Re-Activates (pdf)

Dynamics in P/2010 A2 (pdf)

Near-Sun Asteroids (pdf)

Large Particles in Active Asteroid P/2010 A2 (pdf)

The Active Asteroids (pdf)

Comet Holmes & SMEI (pdf)

Activity in Phaethon (pdf)

The Active Centaurs (pdf)

Magnetite in B-Type Asteroids (pdf)

Saas Fee Advanced Course (pdf)

Six Hot Topics in Planetary Astronomy (pdf)

The Kuiper Belt and Other Debris Disks (pdf)

Icy Bodies in the Solar System (pdf)

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